Fish City Charters caters for all facets of fishing and all levels of angler experience.
Charters can be full or even half day affairs, although the latter can restrict fishing options, or extended packages comprising of 3, 4 or 5 day adventures.
These packages are entirely flexible and tailored to suit anglers desires and seasonal options.

The 3 DAY option is most popular when anglers often choose to enjoy 1 day bluewater fishing for sport and table fish including red emperor, coral trout and oversize giant trevally. Another day is spent in pursuit of arguably Australia's premier sportfish, the barramundi, while the third day might find anglers setting traps for big succulent mudcrabs or strolling a mountain stream in search of exotic and challenging jungle perch. It’s your trip, so you choose what you want to do.

A personalised operation, each boat caters for a maximum 3 anglers offshore and a maximum 4 anglers within partially smooth waters and estuary systems.

2 or more fully customised and surveyed boats are used for parties greater than 3 or 4 anglers, depending on options chosen.

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